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How often do you offer the Shark's Tooth Dive?
We go out every day of the week, weather dependent.  We do not dive on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or New Years Day.

How much does the Shark Tooth Dive cost?
$85 plus tax per diver; this includes two tanks, weights, bottled water.  You will be asked to provide a credit card number when your reservation is made.  Your card will not be charged should the dive be cancelled because of weather or some other circumstance. (See below re: Cancellation)

Do divers find fossils and Megalodon teeth every dive?
Yes. We always find fossils. We have never made a trip where no one found any teeth. That being said, some people are luckier than others.  Visibility in the Gulf can be challenging, so that takes a little getting used to if you have only experienced Caribbean type diving.  

How many Divers can you take?
We are Coast Guard Certified to carry 12 divers. 

How many Charter guests can you take for Sunset Cruises, Memorials at Sea, and Private Parties? 
We are Coast Guard Certified to carry 18 passengers for Sunset Cruises and other celebrations.  Our boat is very comfortable and it is easy to board. 

Is there a licensed Captain on the boat?
Yes, Capt. Steve holds a USCG 100 ton Masters License and Capt. Dan holds a USCG 100 ton Masters License.

Is there a Divemaster on the boat?
Yes, there is always a Certified Divemaster on the boat.

How much should I tip?
Tipping is customary on a dive boat and in most cases the source of income for the crew. Our crew work very hard to insure you are safe and can enjoy yourself. $10 to $20 per person is the average.

What safety equipment do you have on the boat?
Life float, EPIRB 406, VHF Marine Radio, Hailer, Diver Recall System, Lifejackets, 3 Throwable Life Rings, Man Over Board Marker, 2 Swimmer Rescue Cans, 80cf of Oxygen, AED, Large First Aid Kit, Emergency Trained Crew.  

Do you require a minimum number of Divers?
Yes, we require a minimum of 4 divers to make a Shark's Tooth Dive and a minimum of 6 passengers to make a Sunset Cruise.

Will the dive shop be open early in the morning if I need to rent gear?
Yes, the shop is open early for our early morning dives.  If you are scheduled for a Shark Tooth Dive, you do not need to reserve gear, it will be available for you to rent the morning of your dive. 

What time should I arrive for the Shark Tooth Dive?
Check in time is 0700. We meet in our shop, 509 B. Tamiami Trail North, Venice, Fl 34285.

Will I be charged if the weather is poor and the Dive is canceled?
No, you will only be charged if you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled dive.  If we must cancel because of poor weather or lack of visibility you will not be charged.

What if I need to cancel?
We require 48 hours notice for cancellation for groups of 4 or less. 
We require a 14 day notice for cancellation of groups of 6 or more.
If you cancel within 48 hours (or 14 days for 6 and more),  and we are able to fill your canceled spot, you will not be charged.  If we are unable to fill your spot, which is often difficult to fill last minute, you will be charged for each spot cancelled.

What certification do I need to Dive with you?
We require that all divers be Open Water Certified and that you present your card upon checking in the morning of your dive.

Should I pack food or snacks?
For the Shark's Tooth Dive, we offer one of our world famous cookies during your surface interval. If you would like to pack something, it is no problem.
For the Sunset Cruise, Memorials at Sea Cruise and Private Parties, you are welcome to bring your favorite snacks and drinks for your group.  We provide bottled water.

Do I need to bring anything extra for the Sharks Tooth Dive?
The only things extra you need to bring is a fine mesh bag for keeping your fossils and a compass. We sell Shark Tooth Bags and compasses in our shop. 

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